Descriptors of the 12 Sessions of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

1. Introduction and Education

  1. Meaning of the Event (impact statement)
  2. Identification of Thoughts and Feelings (ABC)
  3. Remembering Traumatic Events (accounts)
  4. Remembering Traumatic Events
  5. Challenging Questions
  6. Patterns of Problematic Thinking
  7. Challenging Beliefs Worksheet (CBW) & Safety Issues
  8. Trust Issues
  9. Power/Control Issues
  10. Esteem Issues
  11. Intimacy Issues and the Meaning of the Event

Copyright: Resick, Patricia A., Ph.D., Kathleen M. Chard, Ph.D., and Candice M. Monson, Ph.D. “CPT Resources.” Cognitive Processing Therapy. 2016.






The 4 Steps of Careful Communication

The Four Steps of Careful Communication

(1) Say what you think or feel.
(2) Say what is happening to make you feel that way.
(3) Say what you think the other person thinks or feels.
(4) Say what you want the other person to do.


I feel______ when you do _______. I realize you must feel ________. But what I want from you is _______.