Chapter 1 Playlist: Come On In

Here are some videos of songs or films we think add to the content you read about in Chapter 1 of Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt. We hope that the music and film stimulates the right side of your brain after the left (verbal) side has been stimulated by what you read in the book. A brief comment is added after each link that clarifies some of our reasoning in adding the selection.

  1. “Changes in Lattitudes/Changes in Attitudes,” Jimmy Buffett

Things always change. They must change if one is to become unstuck. Here, Jimmy Buffett seems to be sad about the changes until he realizes he can only grow if accepts nature on its own terms.

2. “Too Much,” Guy Clark

Much of the misery we create for ourselves is self-induced by either behavioral excesses or behavioral deficits.

3. “I Promise You,” Show of Hands

Good things might happen in the future; they might even be promised. But first, we must endure the hard times.

4. “Saturday They’ll All be Back Again,” David Wilcox

No matter what happens, the passionate side of a human must return.

5. “One Blade Shy of a Sharp Edge,” Nanci Griffith

Whether we think it or not, we are all just a moment away from a very hard landing. 70-80% of people report they have had a trauma in life. Most of us have it coming, and we’d better be ready to bounce back from it.

6. “Show the Way,” David Wilcox

It is important to question the belief that there is no hope.

7. “Stuff that Works,” Guy Clark

Entering recovery can feel overwhelming. Focusing on basic “good stuff” makes big changes less scary.

8. “Across the Great Divide,” Kate Wolf

We can stay stuck in the past only so long. Eventually, we have to cross over to a better way. Getting unstuck may seem impossible right now, but it’s not. It’s just on the other side of some divide of your own making.

9. High Fidelity (2000) (Movie)

This film is about a man who learns to get outside of himself. True happiness takes place when one looks beyond one’s selfish wants. Humans are best when they are considering the needs of others. There is peace there.

10. TRIGGER WARNING: Happy New Year (2011) (Movie)

Click on the link if you choose to see it:

An Iraq war veteran finds compassion and acceptance among fellow soldiers in a VA hospital. In spite of the support they provide for each other, they are haunted by the trauma they endured in combat. Together, they face self-destructive feelings and ever-present guilt and shame. Not all stories of trauma turn out well.