Chapter 5 Playlist: Breaking the Rules

The main idea discussed in this chapter is that folks engage in action that follows rules they have been given. Many times, the rules followed by the individual have been examined and turn out to be true. But sometimes, the rule following is so ‘automatic’ that it is not questioned. In these cases, false rules are followed and maintain unhealthy behavior. The items presented in this playlist give common examples of how following false rules can devastate a life.

1. “It Don’t Bring You,” Mary Chapin Carpenter

Moving song about how following the unhealthy rules we’ve been given causes hollow and unfulfilling relationships unless they are matched with healthy action.

2. A Girl Like Her (2015) (Netflix Movie)

A powerful depiction of the effects of bullying on a high school.

3. Confirmation (2016) (Movie)

A divorced father and his son expect to have a typical weekend together, but when a toolbox with special meaning is stolen, bonding occurs between father and son. The film demonstrates how the ill-effects of following false rules can be changed when authentic rules are adhered to.