Chapter 6 Playlist: Group Therapy Session: No One Left Behind

In Chapter 1, it was mentioned that there are four necessary and sufficient ingredients in successful trauma recovery treatment: 1-Finding a guide/therapist with whom to collaborate in planning and executing changes; 2-A critical mass of “leaps to the truth”; 3-Learning and using new and more effective coping skills, and 4-Group involvement to model and support the change process.
This chapter introduced some of the reasons and methods a group can be used to help in trauma recovery: the fourth ingredient of successful treatment.
The following songs and films will illustrate the power of the group even more.

1.  “Just Like the Man Said,” Martyn Joseph

Journeys together inspire hope as long as we keep walking on.

2. “The Shape of Us,” Ian Britt

Moving song about the strength of numbers in overcoming the hardships of life.

3. “When You Come Back Down,” Nickel Creek

Supportive people are essential to recovery.

4. “One Friend,” Dan Seals

Friendship is immeasurably valuable.

5. The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) (Netflix Movie)

Moving film about four people who have had tragedy and hardship in life, and who think there is no hope. Together, they come through amazing circumstances and find strength in, and with, each other. The potential for hope opens up.