Chapter 9 Playlist: Skills Needed to Become “Unstuck”: Evidence-Based Therapeutic Techniques

The actual reason lives change comes down to efforts at making changes in the environments that surround us. We can think about and dream of a different life all we want, but if we don’t take action, nothing changes. This chapter discusses some actual steps trauma victims can make to change. When these new behaviors are tried, lives improve.

1. “Every Drop of Water,” Bill and Bonnie Hearne

When life is a rollercoaster, it is resilience that allows us to see ourselves as diamonds in the rough with the ability to eventually become shiny.

2. “Some Bridges,” Jackson Browne

Celebrate the power of perseverance and the impact we have on each other’s lives by being present for another person.

3. The Shack (2017) (Movie)

Movie about overcoming trauma through faith. The book is great as well.


4. Stress Inoculation Training in action.


Video depicting how the Stress Coping Cycle is used to help cope with stress.