The Playlist Felicia Gave Ashley

From Beth: I want to share with you the playlist Felicia listened to as she began her run in Chapter 9, because I find these songs so soothing and empowering at the same time. When Matt and I wrote this scene, I imagined that these songs would be on the playlist Ashley gave Felicia.

If you read the “Duet” between Dr. Jaremko and me in which we talk about the first CD he gave me and how it impacted me, as well as his rationale for including each song, you know how music aided the therapeutic bond I felt with him–they truly led me to trust him, because I could tell that he really “got” where I was coming from and that he believed something I didn’t yet: I was strong enough to face the stuff I’d run away from for 30 years.

As you may recall, Dr. Matt had assigned Felicia to go on a 30 minute walk after writing her account of being abused, and I just knew that Felicia would pop on her earbuds and listen to a playlist shared with her by Ashley. This was especially meaningful to Felicia because Ashley gave it to her. Felicia considers Ashley to be her “hero,” because Ashley emerged a fundamentally stronger person after her recovery journey, which Dr. Matt had told her would be like a “barefoot journey from Texas to Alaska and back, with all the weather along the way.” Felicia believes that if Ashley can get through hell and come out the other side, she can, as well.

I hope you find the following songs to be soothing and empowering. Even now, when I am stressed or feeling anxious, I listen to this playlist. Note: some of these songs are duplicated on other lists. However, I imagine Ashley pulling the songs that most speak to her into a custom playlist. ALSO, there are a few songs that are on there just because they’re fun and encourage dancing. And who doesn’t need a little dancing now and then, right?