Outline of and Excerpts from APPENDIX D: Relaxation Instructions

I. Calming Imagery:                      

Sit back comfortably in your chair, close your eyes, and let yourself begin to relax. Feel your muscles relaxing and your mind is slowing down. Time is slowing down. There’s lots of time. You feel more at ease . . . at peace . . . at peace with the universe . . . at peace with yourself . . . so peaceful . . . quiet . . . relaxed . . . serene . . . tranquil . . . calm.
As you breathe easily and gently, you feel yourself relaxing more and more. Comfortable and relaxed . . . comfortable and relaxed . . . more comfortable . . . more at peace. Calmness is present throughout your body and mind. ….

II. Muscle Relaxation Exercises:

While lying on the comfortable couch, I want you to concentrate on achieving a state of total and complete relaxation. You may have already had practice using techniques of muscle tension to achieve relaxation. Remember to remain as completely relaxed and calm as possible. I am going to ask you to tense and hold various groups of muscles throughout your body. In this way, you will quickly become aware of the difference between muscular tension and relaxation. Also, each time a muscle group is tensed and then relaxed, it will become more completely relaxed than it was before. …

III. Deep Diaphragmatic Instruction:

Now, let’s concentrate on your breathing for a few moments. Deep breathing can help you relax. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is just that—breathing deeply with the diaphragm. …

IV. Autogenic Relaxation:
Now, let’s focus your attention on autogenic relaxation. “Autogenic” means “to apply some process to yourself, by yourself.” The format of autogenic relaxation is to repeat some self-instructions (e.g. “My arms are warm”) several times while you observe the sensations in the area of the body that is described by the instruction. ….

V. Reawakening Exercises:

Before you open your eyes, it is helpful to do some movement exercises so that your body is not suddenly aroused.  Do the following sequences of body movements…