BLOG: Hope for Post-traumatic Growth

Being Tender yet Tough with Veterans

As any subgroup of Americans, military veterans cover a wide spectrum of personality types and pre-service adjustment history. While there is almost universal agreement that veterans should be honored for serving, across the board admiration without constructive criticism may be unwise. Not every hero acts heroically all the time. Sometimes folks with adjustment difficulties need …

Perseverence + Resilience + Patience = Hope for Recovery

I sometimes say that my middle name is “Perseverence.” It could also be said that Resilience runs through my veins, which is, in part, why writing a book with Matt E. Jaremko–Trauma Recovery: Sessions With Dr. Matt: Narratives of Hope and Resilience for Victims of PTSD–is so gratifying, because it will help SO MANY PEOPLE. …

Trauma Recovery: Sessions With Dr. Matt will release in summer, 2018!

I am beyond thrilled to tell you that Trauma Recovery: Sessions With Dr. Matt, a creative non-fiction book written by Dr. Matt E. Jaremko and me, has found a publisher, Ayni Books. Our book should release in early summer, 2018. The best way to describe it to you is to borrow from our book proposal: …

Introduction to our book: Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt

For the past year, I have been collaborating with Beth Fehlbaum to write a book entitled: Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt. The first draft of this book is in the process of editorial submission and review but here we begin to discuss its purpose and anticipated impact. An overview of the book is provided …

Chapter 7 Playlist: The Pursuit of Self-Efficacy: The Mechanics of “I Can”

Believing that one can’t do something ends progress before it even stops. This chapter explains how one can reverse this belief. Self efficacy, the belief one can do something is the direct result of performance accomplishmants, verbal persuasion, modeling and bodily feedback. The items on this playlist show these “self-efficacy creators” in action. You can if you do and if you are shown how to do and it you practice doing. Little bits of progress yield large results in confidence.

1. “Father of Mine,” Everclear

It is possible to break the painful cycles of our past.

2. “Steady On,” Shawn Colvin

Trauma changes us in significant ways, but when you remain focused on learning to manage PTSD, a peaceful, fulfilling life is possible.

3. “Welcome Back,” Eliza Gilkyson

Darkness will fall away if you persevere through it.

4. TV Series: Army Wives, Season 4, Episode 6

Standing up to spousal abuse.

5. I will, Wynonna Judd

It’s a neat trick to see something before it exists. One can do that with one’s attempts to grow.


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